Daily Divine Liturgy
Daily Divine Liturgy
May 16th – June 6th

Confession - 9:30am
Liturgy - 10:00am
Limit of 10 people per Liturgy

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Dear St. Philip Family, Christ is risen! God bless you!

I ask your prayers and cooperation for this plan.  I am thankful to our Metropolitan JOSEPH, our Bishop THOMAS, and the entire archdiocese for carefully and prayerfully guiding us in handling this unique situation.  My thanks to Dn David and others who are getting things together behind the scenes to help us all draw near to Christ in the Holy Sacraments.  
Fr James, Fr Jesse, and I will be serving the Divine Liturgy everyday between this Saturday, May 16 to Saturday, June 6 at 10am and I am hoping we'll be able to open the church up more by Holy Pentecost on June 7th and Chrismate our seven catechumens whose reception has been postponed since Lazarus Saturday.  These daily liturgies provide an opportunity for 220 people to attend the Divine Liturgy, make a Confession and receive Communion during this feastal season.
Confession is required in order to receive Communion.  Please prepare for your confession to who whichever priest is serving that morning if you have not confessed since the beginning of Great Lent.  Please arrive at 9:30am in order to have time to make a Confession and to pray the Pre-Communion Prayers before the Liturgy begins and plan to stay after for the Thanksgiving Prayers for Holy Communion and a possible procession. 
In order to attend, you must sign-up on this SignUp Genius form. (https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090A4AAFA92EAAFF2-divine) If you don't sign up you are welcome to stay for just a few minutes to light candles, pick up holy items and then you will be kindly asked to leave.   Children under 7 (age of first confession) will not need be counted and are welcome as long as they can stay with you quietly and prayerfully.  If you would like to wear a mask you are welcome to do so.  You will have a seat in the back of the nave. 
Note: If you have been to church during the lock down, please do not sign up (at least initially) so that others to come.  Also, if you have a flexible schedule, please sign up for a weekday liturgy.  If you have trouble accessing the signup form for any reason, please contact Dn. David (218-576-8324 or dhyatt@st-philip.net).  If you have any theological or pastoral questions or concerns, please feel free to ask in faith and love. 
"With the fear of God, with faith and love drawn near!"  
Please pray to God for repentance for our world, our nation, our church, our parish, and me especially!

In Christ,

+Fr. Noah Bushelli
PS - I am still hurt by being reduced to being a televangelist and using "sign-up genius" for the Holy Sacraments!  It is definitely not what I imagined when I moved across the country to seminary 20 years ago.  Please know how deeply this hurts me and that I do this out of love for you and God and obedience to our hierarchs. 
What won't a father do for his children?
What won't a son do for his Father? 
What won't a servant do for his Master?  
What won't a Lover do for his beloved? 
Alas, we can't even begin to do enough to return God's love!!!
PPS - You will benefit from the insights in this interview with our Metropolitan and his closest staff members during this strange time. 


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Additional Stewardship & Giving Options

Protection of St. Philip, by the hand of Nicholas Papas
Protection of St. Philip, by the hand of Nicholas Papas
Protection of St. Philip, by the hand of Nicholas Papas

Welcome to St Philip Orthodox Church! 

Thank you for visiting our parish website.  We are grateful to God for His many blessings and we look forward to sharing them with you!

Located in the growing Philadelphia ex-urb of Souderton, Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania, Saint Philip is a vibrant, welcoming Orthodox Christian parish of the ancient Patriarchate of Antioch, where the disciples of Jesus were first called Christians (Acts 11:26).  We believe in and worship the Holy Trinity according to the unbroken Holy Tradition, most perfectly expressed in Holy Scripture.  Our services are celebrated in English.

We welcome the people of the Indian Valley and Bucks and Montgomery counties to join our parishioners, all ages and backgrounds, in worshiping the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and growing in the life in Christ and service to our neighbors.  

Besides an excellent choir leading the congregation in the ancient a capella chants of Byzantium, Russia, Georgia, and other Christian lands, we have many educational, service, and fellowship opportunities for all ages.

Though we are happy to offer this website and its many resources to you, we invite you to experience Orthodox Christianity more deeply.  St. Philip, our patron, said it very simply to his friend Nathaniel: "Come and see."

Holy Week and Pascha Plan
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Christ is in our midst!  His love is what is holding us together...
I have labored heavily over how to be obedient to our hierarchs' in this difficult time.  Thanks for your prayers and patience, as well as continued support and love.
Unfortunately, the following services can be participated in only by invitationAll are welcome to drop in briefly to the narthex to venerate, light candles, venerate icons and relics, pick up palms/flowers, etc...  Please be kind and obedient to the ushers! 
Video Streaming through our YouTube Channel:

Pastoral Care is still available upon request!  
Unofficial Confessions and Spiritual Counsel can be scheduled over the phone.
Confession, Anointing, Holy Communion can be scheduled for in person during the times the church is open.  Please contact me or Fr James directly.  

Below is the modified Schedule - note the changes carefully.  The Online Church Calendar in now up to date with these changes, too.  
Keep the faith!  Keep the fast!  Keep in touch with each other and me!
I ask for your prayers and continued love that this dark hour may be our finest! 
In Christ,
+ Fr. Noah
Holy Week Schedule (All Services Live-Streamed)

Friday 7 PM - Compline and Canon for Lazarus' Resurrection

Lazarus Saturday Church Open - 9am - 12pm and 6pm - 9pm 
L Saturday 10 AM - Divine Liturgy
7 PM (NOT 6) - Great Vespers and Artoklasia

P Sunday Church Open - 8am - 1pm
P Sunday - Orthros /Liturgy
P Sunday 7 PM - Bridegroom Orthros

H Monday - Thursday Church Open - 1pm - 3pm
H Monday 7 PM - Bridegroom Orthros
H Tuesday 7 PM - Bridegroom Orthros
H Wednesday 7 PM - Bridegroom Orthros

H Thursday Church Open - 10am - 10pm - Church open
10am - Vesperal Liturgy
7pm - 12 Passion Gospels Orthros

Friday Church Open - 10am - 10p
10AM - Royal Hours
4PM - Vespers of Burial
7PM - Lamentations Orthros

Saturday Church Open - 9a - 1p and 9p-1a
Fr James: Narthex Pascha Basket blessing during the services
10AM - Vesperal Liturgy
10PM - Paschal Services (Rush, Orthros and Liturgy)

Sunday Church Open - 11am -2pm
NOON - Agape Vespers
7PM Paschal Orthros

Projected Bright Week Services - Locations may vary
NOON Vespers
7PM Orthros

PS - Music Recordings, down at the bottom of the page is a link to our Holy Week Concert.


Blog - Studying the Scriptures

Reflections on Holy Scripture that explore the connections and continuity between God's self-revelation through His Prophets and Apostles and the ongoing life, faith, worship, and practice of the Orthodox Church.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday:  10am - 3pm



Homily: Fr James Thayer
18 Mar 2020 at 2:11pm

Homily given by Fr James Thayer on the Divine Liturgy

Homily: Sdn Luke Carpenter (03-08-20)
12 Mar 2020 at 2:11pm

Homily given by Subdeacon Luke Carpenter on the Sunday of Orthodoxy

Homily: Fr Noah Bushell (03-01-20)
4 Mar 2020 at 3:11pm

Homily given by Fr Noah Bushelli on Forgiveness Sunday

Homily: Dn David Hyatt
27 Feb 2020 at 3:11pm

Homily given by Dn David Hyatt on the Divine Liturgy

Homily: Sdn Justin Gohl (20/02/16)
19 Feb 2020 at 3:11pm

Homily given by Subdeacon Justin Gohl on 2/16


And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. (Acts 11:26)

Saint Philip Orthodox Church
1970 Clearview Road
Souderton, PA  18964
office [at] st-philip.net